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Russell Stephens is a nationwide executive search firm dedicated exclusively to financial institutions

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"Welcome to the team, I understand we have Russell Stephens to thank for bringing you on board."


Armed with nearly forty years of experience, Russell Stephens leads the way in financial institution and investment services executive search and selection. Our clients are among the most significant and influential Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Mortgage Banks, Private Equity Firms, Asset Based Lenders, Hedge Funds, Trust Services, Investment Management and Real Estate Investment Firms.


Russell Stephens leads all other firms in speed and quality of service


Serving every client with the highest sense of urgency

At Russell Stephens, we keep the world of finance working by recognizing that speed of successfully completing an assignment is an integral element in maintaining momentum for a successful organization. For the last eight years, our "time to complete" has been roughly one-half that of any major search firm!


A reputation for attention to detail

Russell Stephens has consistently earned a four star ranking in quality and depth of service by senior level hiring executives. Our sixteen point search process is recognized as the most thorough in the industry. Our comprehensive due diligence fact finding review offers you a crystal clear portrait of each candidate before you even begin interviewing them.


Always attracting the best candidates… quickly

With the nation's largest profiled data base of financial professionals, Russell Stephens provides you with an immediate picture of the marketplace – you receive an eight to ten week head start over local, as well as international "generalist" type search firms.



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